About Father Vladimir

Father Vladimir (Lysak) is a priestmonk or hieromonk currently living in Grayson, Saskatchewan. A Graduate of St. Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary, in June, 1999, he travelled to New Valamo Monastery in Finland to study iconography; he was ordained an iconographer on December 7, 1999 by Archbishop SERAPHIM of the Archdiocese of Canada. In the six and a half years there, he studied with Bishop ARSENI, Auli Martiskainen, Slava Mihaelenko, Helena Nikkanen, Egon Sendler, Ulla Tschurbanoff, and Alexander Wikström. While in Finland, he also had the opportunity to study iconography at the Moscow Spiritual Academy School of Iconography with Natalia Aldoshina, Archimandrite Luka, and others.

Father Vladimir continues to paint icons for public and private commissions. His icons are found in private collections and public churches in Canada, Finland, England, Wales, the United States, and many other places.

In accordance with the tradition of iconography handed down through the Orthodox Church, Fr. Vladimir paints using natural mineral pigments bound together with egg yolk. He uses chalk-gessoed [or sometimes acrylic-gessoed] wooden panels for support. 22 kt gold leaf is used on many icons for backgrounds, halos, and for fine lines (assiste) as required. He typically uses boiled linseed oil as a final varnish, in all this adhering closely to the traditional technique of icon painting.

“The icons that are found in these galleries represent some of the nearly 500 icons that I have painted. I hope you enjoy them and they bring you into a closer communion with God and His saints.”

You can commission an icon or a lecture from Father Vladimir by using the contact link at the right.