Work in Progress: North Wall of the Dome. Samuel, David, Solomon, Daniel. Part 3.

Another post on the same topic, to compliment the video post.

I kept working after shooting the video. I decided to do portraits of the prophets before I added more paint.


And then, after some painting…


I decided to give Samuel a wash on his beard and hair, and give some form and definition to his robes, especially the white outer garment. And I felt the censer needed a lot of work. Lots more to do tomorrow, but I feel very good about his progress.


David had little done to him, a wash of grey on his hair and beard, a white wash on the inner layer of his blue garment, and a definition in white of his scroll. I will put a wash of white over all the scrolls, but I wanted to define the lines and margins as is usually done in icons where there is writing on scrolls.


Solomon had the folds of his green robes enhanced, and the scroll emphasized.


Daniel received the scroll painting and the underpainting for his boots. The grey will transform into strips of leather, the white line will become yellow to match the lower line…they are coming along. Tomorrow will be a long day! (November 14, 2014, early am)


A quick pic of the holy Prophet Samuel. Not the best picture…I spent the evening trying to videotape my painting process, only to discover the files were too big to upload here. Oh well. I have nearly gotten him done, after a few setbacks. Soon, moving onto David. (November 21, wee hours, 2014)


I started by trying to give David’s clothing some shape, some form. You can see that I added some whiting to his right shoulder. I also added more white to the scroll, and indicated the lines of his crown.

IMG_2719 IMG_2720

I washed the scrolls of Solomon and Daniel…


The “boys” on Sunday. I missed church to paint…I got a lot done.

IMG_2724 IMG_2725 IMG_2726

Here, you can see the decoration on David’s robes, and that I built up the decorative shields with some yellow ochre and white  on Solomon and Daniel. You can also see that I darkened Daniel’s green robe. How? I used my fingers, mostly! The paint I had squeezed out on my palate was not mixing properly, as it was starting to dry, so I mixed it myself and rubbed it into the canvas with my finger. I think it turned out pretty well. I have to do something similar with Solomon.IMG_2727

This is David with the blue underpainting for the shot silk effect.


David with the colours built up. Three layers of colour….I think I might have to tone a little part of it down, but it always has to be remembered that it must be seen from a distance.


Building up the blues on Solomon…


All the blues done on Solomon and Daniel. I called it a day at 4 AM…(Nov 23-24 2014).

At work on the icons…I realize I didn’t update the webpage yesterday…lots of minutiae to do on these figures.IMG_2732

First up was David: I added assiste to the robes using cadmium yellow light, yellow ochre and white mixed. You can see on the shield, the crown, and the deocration on the bottom of the red robes, as well as the floral pattern on the blue robe.  I also used the same yellow on Solomon…


Pearls on David. I should have counted them. Done in white. As well, I outlined the scroll in gray.


Working on all the gems…I did them using the same reds from his robes and the greens from Solomon and Daniel: colour harmony.


All the gems done. I realize now that I might have done some assiste on the stoll he is wearing, but there wasn’t any in the model.


Solomon and all his decoration on the shields done, done in a dark brown umber and some black–essentially the ground colour with some black.


Working on Solomon’s crown. More pearls…


Solomon with all the decorations. Was working on the reds when I ran out of steam. The red highlight is a mixture of the yellow highlight and some cadmium red light.


Daniel got his boots done and the decoration on his green robes done. Tomorrow I hope to say that these prophets are finished…still a lot to do, but I am much closer. And I am thankful the remaining prophets are poor and not royalty: it will make painting them a breeze! (Nov 26, wee hours)


Today’s work. I worked had to finish the clothing on my prophets. I got the reds done, both on Solomon and on Daniel.


I also continued working on Solomon’s greens.  But the priestmonk ran out of power…so he went to bed. (November 27, wee hours)


I finished painting Solomon’s and Daniel’s greens yesterday morning. I was very happy with how they turned out.


I did the calligraphy on David twice…I forgot which paintbrush I had used initially. I had to remove and repaint some of the lettering.  All of the scrolls then received another layer of white, just to make certain the white was consistent.




And Daniel. Tomorrow, the flesh will be finished and I can roll up my friends. I am so happy! (November 29, 2014)


I decided to try a new -ish (actually, another ancient) technique called the membrane technique. First I had painted the shadows, and then I put a wash of yellow ochre, red ochre and white. I believe, however, I didn’t make it pale enough.  If I were a make up artist, I suppose it would be a good foundation…I couldn’t resist.




I re-emphasized the shadows and continued to build up the flesh…the same mix, just more white and yellow ochre…


Here I outlined the drawings again, and added the pupils, and the red of the lips..


Here are further layers of color: you can compare the difference in the layers looking at David and Solomon.


A detail of David’s hands, showing the difference in the layers


I was told always to start with the nose…Poor Daniel looks like he is wearing sunscreen.


The final photograph from November 29: all of the prophets completed, save a bit of contrast to be added to the hair of Solomon and Daniel. Best that it dries completely before it is added.


I hope to take some better photos, but here are the final prophets: Samuel…




Solomon, hair washed and some red highlights added…


And Daniel, with his hair washed and highlights added. Tomorrow, to roll them up and put up the next canvas. God is good. (December 1, 2014)


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